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15 best things to do in Krabi


Krabi is one of the crowned jewels of Thailand, gracing the west coast in the southern province. Krabi is one of the most sort after destinations for travellers from around the globe. All year round, Krabi is flocked by tourists and vacationers alike. People come here for the exhilarating and inspiring activities that Krabi has to offer. There is something for every age group to enjoy with family and friends. Are you constantly under stress and are in dire need of a getaway? Krabi is the perfect location to fulfil these wishes and have a wonderful time. There are a lot of incredible things to do in Krabi, here is a list of the top 15 of them.

Water Sports

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Krabi is one of the best destinations in the world to experience myriad water sports and activities. There is a plethora of fun and engaging activities to choose from and the gamut is quite huge which includes sports like speedboat tours, canoe, kayak, snorkelling, fishing, cruising, island-hopping, and scuba diving. You name it, Krabi has it. This is a golden chance for all the water-babies to unleash the mermaid within and explore the deep ocean depths of Krabi. Think water? Think Krabi.

Climb the tiger cave temple

1256 stairs? Don’t lose breath right away, read along to understand. Save energy to reach to the highest point of one of the most hallowed places in Krabi. Located around 3 km away from Krabi town, Tiger Cave or Wat Tham Sua is a hot number one in the midst of Krabi attractions. Public transports make for a practical and helpful choice that empowers a lot of stunning sights along the way. A significant place for contemplation, Wat Tham Sua presents a quiet environment and ambience filled with lovely landscapes and stunning all-encompassing perspectives on the ocean and encapsulating regions. You can make it a half day or an entire road trip as you start wandering through Krabi.

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Rock climbing at Railay

Krabi has a lot of impressive and daunting cliffs that gravitate rock climbers from across the world. Situated in Railay – a little landmass among Krabi and Ao Nang in Thailand, these goliath limestone support points make Krabi one of the most thrilling stone climbing objections on the planet. Railay Beach has various stone climbing courses, everyone not quite the same as the other. To handle them you should have a prerequisite degree of strength and readiness. The stone climbing experience continues testing your stone climbing abilities at various levels. This is one of the most exhilarating and bravado filled experiences that Krabi has to offer. If you are up for it, don’t miss it.

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Rock Climbing

Bungee jump to happiness

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Bungee Jumping

Ever dreamt of that point where you just let go and everything else fades away in the rear-view mirror and you’re just floating, languid and peaceful? Well, Krabi is here with its bungee jumping offerings that will amaze and terrify your soul. At 56 m, bungee bouncing in Krabi is the highest point in Thailand and the fifth most elevated in Asia. Notwithstanding the conventional bungee jump, you can likewise encounter the sling, which will soar you very high. You get helped via prepared staff which safeguard your sense of well-being. Krabi’s bungee hop is additionally viewed as comparable to those in New Zealand – the most famous bungee bouncing objective from one side of the planet to the other. All the gear is routinely revamped and is generally available to you for your endeavour. Krabi has it all, are you game?

Nightlife Indulgence

Krabi, like all Thailand, has a rejuvenating night life experience that will both surprise and make you spellbound. Here are some must-visit places: Ao Nang Center Point-If an affordable, smooth groove is your sort then you are at the perfect location in Krabi. The core of Ao Nang nightlife diversion scene is appropriately named Ao Nang Center Point; it is situated off the ocean front street and is therefore overwhelmed by shops and eateries.

Phi Reggae Bar-Treat yourself to delectable beverages and astonishing Thai kickboxing battles among prepared and talented warriors in Krabi. The bar is a benchmark for places that keep you transfixed and are exceptionally engaging. Had a tiring day? No worries. Visit the Last cafe in Ao Nang and devour flavourful sandwiches alongside chilled brew in Krabi.

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Feast on delectable local food

The thing that is without a doubt, there won’t be many places with more food options than the neighbourhood food market in Koh Lanta Yai in Krabi. Not exclusively you’ll track down lots of grilled food, yet additionally a portion of the strangely moulded speared food varieties hued as Angry Birds. Other than the speared meat, you have the choice of sushi rolls, milkshakes, gigantic hills of cotton sweets, chocolate covered strawberries, and other lip-smacking neighbourhood food. The food is budget friendly and, generally, delicious. Krabi has a lot of cuisines to offer but the local cuisine is the trump card for sure.

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Local food, Krabi

Nose dive into the Hot Springs

70 km from town and close to the Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve in Krabi, are nature’s own hot tub Jacuzzis, known as Nam Tok Rawn. Situated in the midst of the thick wilderness, this site has normally burrowed out ‘baths’ comprised of smooth stones. These natural aquifer tubs are among the famous Krabi vacation destinations that edge with never-endingly streaming crisp spring water at a gentle 35-42 degree Celsius. They can provide new heights of relaxation and peace while you’re inside the hot water Jacuzzi. Krabi sure has everything on the menu, you just need to know them.

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Hot Springs in Krabi

Quintessential Thai cooking class

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Cooking class snapshot

Krabi isn’t just for fun, you can also learn a lot of things here. Make it in your bucket list to take a Thai cooking class for sure as you get to learn a lot while having a lot of fun. After the trip, you can cook some Thai food for your friends or family and surprise them with a new and delectable cuisine. From curries to spring rolls and shahalays, learn what excites you the most and add a skill to your repertoire. Krabi will surely be a memorable vacation destination if you take part in all that Krabi has to offer.

Embark upon a Jungle Trek

Krabi has astounding climbing and traveling spots. You can journey to the delightful area of Khao Phanom Bencha and invest energy at the cascade in Huay Toh. Treks here range from 1 hour periods to overnight camping excursions. While you will require direction for the more drawn out and harder trips, take on the little and safe journeys with your friends and family and investigate the lavish wildernesses all alone! These little climbs are really awesome and a holistic part of the Krabi experience.

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Spas in Krabi

After a day of fun and exciting water and trek activities, head put to the spas for a brief period of relaxation. The famous Thai massage will clear your head and relax your muscles and joints, offering a calm and peaceful experience that lets you recharge your battery and be prepared for the next day of adventures that Krabi has to offer.

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Spa in Krabi

White water rafting

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Thinking what to do in Krabi? Indeed, stress not as the island gives white waterway boating that will top you off with an experience from head to toe. Songprak waterway is known for the rapids that will assist you with having the most extreme experience of boating with friends or family. Gushing down at high speeds on your rubber boat is just as extreme as it gets. This is one of the most exhilarating things to do in Krabi.

Book the four-island tour

Quite possibly of the most well-known thing that guests to Krabi go on is the Four Island Tour which takes you on a visit through four unique islands, and they are typically Tup Island, Phra Nang Cave, Chicken Island and Poda Island, which are the four jewels of Krabi. The visit is on a long boat and will stop at every area giving you an opportunity to swim, sunbathe, investigate and stop for lunch. The boats ordinarily house up to around forty individuals and a local escort will remain at the front bringing up everything in English while ensuring everybody has sufficient water for the excursion.

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Part of the 4-island tour

Shopping for everyone

The night markets in Krabi are sterling and stuffed with a lot of good stuff to buy. The weekends are the time at which this night market can be accessed and this is one not to miss. From a lot of cheap food stalls to kiosks selling great souvenirs for you to carry home, it is an awesome market of thailand. There are also shows put up by performers which add to the vibe of the market and make the experience more vibrant and involving. The ice cream here is famous forits succulence and taste. Night markets have something for everyone, so you must check them out.

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Night Market in Krabi

Party animals this way!

Ao Nang Beach is not famous for its pristine blue waters of white pearl sand, you might go to Railay Beach for that, however in the event that you are searching for a few nightlife and an energetic environment this is a decent spot to begin. There are many bars and cafés in the space selling a lot of assortments of mixed drinks as well as all the food types you would anticipate in a traveler area of interest. It is likewise an extraordinary spot in Krabi to book your visits from as there are a great deal of competitors in the space battling at business keeping the costs marginally lower than others. Get a taste of a Krabi party at Ao Nang and live a night to remember.

The Ao Nang beach

The Elephant in the room


The big tusky pride of Krabi, are the great elephants that are found here. The elephant sanctuary is a great place to spend an afternoon, a day away from city hassles and in nature’s lap. You can choose to have a walk with the tusky creatures or feed or bathe them. A fun day is just waiting for you at the elephant sanctuary in Krabi, are you ready to be amazed?


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