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Searching for best hotels in Las Vegas wouldn’t sound like too much of a work until you open your mobile or laptop and start looking for one. The myriad of options, locations, amenities, facilities can absolutely dazzle you. All good and fine, it’s not a bad thing to have many options but there is a very real chance that you might not get the right price or worse get the right hotels for your price. There are some hotels you have to prioritize and some you have to absolutely avoid.

So, we have come up with a list of “Best Hotels in Las Vegas 2022” based on our own personal visits to the hotels, our friends and team members who frequently visit Sin City and some even work in the hotels and the reviews and ratings across hundreds of booking sites.

Luxury Options- Hotels in las vegas

Nobu at the Ceasars Palace.


hotels in las vegas,
Photo: Nobu Hotel at Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas


It’s Vegas. It’s glitzy, it’s colorful and it’s over the top. Luxury here in Vegas is less about subtlety and more about ostentatious show of wealth. And it gets a bit too much at times. Sometimes, it feels like someone gently tapping your forehead with a golden spoon, demanding for attention. The Nobu Hotel is a mild anti-thesis to Las Vegas’ in your face luxury. It is intimate, exclusive, modern, sleek, tastefully minimalist and it’s uber-luxurious. The hotel is named after chef Nobu Matsuhisa who co-owns it with Robert DeNiro and was designed by David Rockwell.








What makes it one of the best hotels in Las Vegas in 2022?

  • It has a prime location at the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. The Nobu is a “hotel within a hotel” as it is located inside the Ceasars Palace in the rebuilt Centurion Tower. The casinos inside and outside the Ceasars Palace are easily accessible. It’s located in a great place for walking around and getting to other establishments as well as has 24 hours easy public transport access.

hotels in las vegas,
Photo: Lobby of the Casino Floor the Nobu Hotel. (Credit: Barbara Kraft)

  • It has only 180 rooms which is small as compared to Vegas standards. The rooms have Japanese influences and accents. The rooms allow plenty of natural light, have 55 inch flat screen TV, minibar. The Japanese accents don’t end in the aesthetics but also in the technology with Nobu app, great connectivity to your gadgets and other technological features that make your life easier. The linen is Italian and the bathrooms are simply exquisite with custom made bath amenities, scents and walk-in shower.

  • Even getting to your room is a matter of exquisite art experience with the gold and plum décor and elevators with optical scanners on your card.

  • Nobu also offers a gym and the 50,000 sq. foot Qua Baths and Spa that also has 3 Roman Baths and the Artic Ice room that allows all round healing and revitalization for weary guests.

hotels in las vegas,
Photo: Deluxe King Room at the Nobu (Credit: Barbara Kraft)

  • In a hotel with all of the above amenities, it’s hard to fathom something else taking the spotlight but the dining in Nobu is the absolute gem of the whole establishment. When you stay at the Nobu you get a priority reservation at the world famous Nobu restaurant and Lounge which spans 11,000 sq. ft. Here you can taste beautiful Japanese fusion cuisine and if you don’t want to get out to the restaurant, you can get food served 24×7 directly to your room and it’s equally delicious.
  • The Nobu Lounge also offers sakes, wines and cocktails along with sushi and appetizers.

The calm Zen like theme that runs all across the establishment, the tasteful décor and rooms and all the amenities make Nobu one of the best hotels in Las Vegas in 2022.

Encore at Wynn

Forbes Travel Guide 5 stars? AAA Five Diamond Award? Encore at Wynn or simply Encore has got every award under it’s belt. It’s a sister establishment of the Wynn Las Vegas, newer, not as big but more hi-tech, more opulent, more extravagant. Luxury and extravagance is at the peak at the Wynn.

the wynn
Photo: Encore lies next to it’s bugger sibling The Wynn

What makes it one of the best hotels in Las Vegas in 2022?

  • It’s located in The Strip but unlike our first entry, The Nobu, it isn’t exactly at the center of the action. Encore is located on the Northern fringe of The Strip and you do need transportation to get into the thick and thin of the center of attraction. This may not all be bad news as it does provide a bit of relief from the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas Boulevard which has no off switch.
  • It’s also nearby to Chinatown where you have restaurants like Ramen Sora and Pho Kim Long (yeah I know) which are have devoted customers and long lines because their food is that good. You also have some cool bars in Chinatown.

  • Encore has it’s own casino which can be a good or a bad thing depending upon what you prefer but it’s smaller than it’s neighbor Wynn’s Casino. Personally, forme the way the casino at Encore doesn’t trample on the hotel is such a huge relief and a huge plus point. The flowers with the regal gold, red and green interiors of the lobby just feel opulent.

vegas, las  vegas hotel,
Photo: The Wynn Dream Beds at the Encore are quite popular among visitors.

  • The rooms at the Encore are what take the prize. The “standard room” doesn’t exist. The “standard” or the “base” room are all “suite rooms” and by molly are they all huge. The most basic room starts at 700 sq. ft and trust me these appear larger in person. Wynn’s signature and subtle bamboo aesthetic can be seen in the rooms. These have floor to ceiling mirrors and the beds, the Wynn Dream beds are so good that these are purchased for homes.

  • The bathroom also oozes opulence with a TV and custom toiletries by the UK based skin care company Molton Brown.

  • You have standard pools and Jacuzzi which are temperature controlled and these are well interjected with cabanas that feel like mini houses. Then there is the adult only European pool. Adult only cause it’s one of Las Vegas’ topless pools. Remember the city is nick named Sin City

  • Dining options are aplenty here at Encore with it’s own café, Wazuzu which serves various East Asian dishes, Andrea’s and Elevado. But the most famous name in dining at the Encore is undoubtedly the Sinatra.

The Sky Lofts at The MGM Grand

The MGM Grand is a microcosm of Las Vegas itself. Full with entertainment and gambling sites, the color, the never stopping drive of energy that pulsates through the entire establishment and around 7,000 rooms, the MGM Grand was the biggest hotel in the whole world when it was opened in 1993. It still feels like a city in itself. But, not to be left out on the ultra, super duper luxury pro max slice of the pie, the MGM Grand in 2005 opened a 51 roomed boutique section inside it: The Sky Lofts.

mgm gran hotel,
Photo: The Skylofts are 51 boutique rooms located inside the MGM Grand.


What makes it one of the best hotels in Las Vegas in 2022?

  • The MGM Grand isn’t in the heart of the Strip, it lies towards the Southern fringes. But, it’s the MGM Grand. I mean, if a hotel has “Grand” attached to it and it’s in Vegas you best believe it’s Grand. The whole establishment is so big that everything you may want to do in Las Vegas is present inside it’s own facility. But going out isn’t a hassle either as the monorail stop is right here attached to the hotel. The main check in area of the MGM Grand is understandably packed but not for you my friend. You check in to the VIP lounge and skip the line and head to the private lifts and you even have your own butler.

mgm hotel, cheap hotels in las vegas,
Photo: Double decked room in the Sky loft at MGM Grand

  • The lowest room in the monetary ladder at the Sky Loft is a whooping double decked 1,400 sq. ft room. The first floor is dedicated to the dining and living area and office while the upstairs is the bedroom. The rooms come with a private butler and if you shell out $25 you will also find a butler who will warm your bath just the right temperature and make your bed just the right way to help you sleep. No kidding.

  • Apart from these you also get access to fitness center, spa and cardio room.
  • Staying at the Sky loft you get a priority reservation at MGM Grand’s most exclusive and out-of-most-peoples’-reach property “The Mansion”.

  • At MGM Grand you get Las Vegas’ only three Michelin starred restaurant in Jöel Robuchon among many other places to eat.


Mid-range Budget options- Hotels in las vegas


If you are a regular visitor to Las Vegas or a first timer who doesn’t like to be in direct contact with the neon lights, casinos and the cigarette smoke that comes with casinos. and the never lessening hustle and bustle of core of The Strip, then the Delano provides you with the perfect place to stay. Tasteful and perfectly placed in my opinion.

hotels in las vegas,
Photo: The Delano Hotel lies pretty close to Mandalay Bay Casino and Resort.


What makes it one of the best hotels in Las Vegas in 2022?

  • It’s placed on the Southern end of The Strip which makes it closer to the Las Vegas airport than the center of The Strip. This means that transportation is a necessary for people looking to immerse themselves fully in the opulence of the most famous sections of Las Vegas Boulevard. However, the Mandalay BayResort and Casino is nearby to the Delano so unless you want to be hopping resorts you have everything you want right around you.
  • Separating itself away from so many other properties in Las Vegas, the Delano has an understated design which evokes a feeling of Zen. The lobby doesn’t look like a place you just want to go away from with it’s vases, wooden art works, the columns draped with curtains. It’s one of those properties that don’t have a casino attached and that is a massive plus in my books.


hotels in las vegas,
Photo: The rooms in Delano are easier on the eye.

  • The understated design elements continue into the rooms all rooms in the Delano are suite rooms and have a separate living space. The design and colors are tasteful and don’t stick out as sore thumb like so many properties in Vegas can. The bathrooms are also spacious, more than spacious with everything you would need plus a TV!

  • Staying at the Delano you have access to the Mandalay Bay’s gym, pool as well as Delano’s own Spa.

  • Della’s Kitchen serves the food you would want to eat to have a light, fulfilling day without upsetting your tummy. But if you want something more you can liftup to the 63rd floor where you will find Italian food at Rivea and the James Bond inspired Skyfall Lounge.

The Signature at MGM Grand

What makes it one of the best hotels in Las Vegas in 2022?

  • Just like the Delano, The Signature isn’t in the heart of The Strip. It falls on the southern edge but luckily, the MGM Grand is right in front of it and it happens to be a major stop for monorails. The Delano is also connected to the MGM Grand which is a major theme across a lot of Las Vegas hotels where two hotels are connected so as to make a bigger but separate complex for mutual thriving. However, the walkway that connects The Signature to The MGM Grand is a 10-minute walk.

hotels in las vegas,
Photo: The Signature at MGM Grand is made up of three buildings that are fashioned to a condo style residence.

  • The Signature, unlike any other establishment on the list, is a condo styled residence. There are three towers and a total of 1,728 suites. Some suites are managed by separate management companies. The views from the rooms massively depends on which side your room faces. One side has a view to the Las Vegas Airport and the Southern side which is slightly more expensive has a stunning view of The Strip

  • Almost every room at The Signature has it’s own private balcony. The rooms, personally for me, were one of the best rooms in all of Las Vegas because of how normal they felt. Don’t get me wrong, the suites are still luxurious with a full king-sized bed, a huge flat TV, a separate sitting area, and a whole small kitchen. But what made it so good is how un-hotel-esque they felt in a city where it’s easy to be reminded of the fact that you aren’t at home. All the other amenities are standard like high-speed Wi-Fi, a bathtub, security safe.

  • You do get 24×7 access to the fitness center though you will have to travel to the lobby of Tower 1 or 3. There is a lounge bar and also a Starbucks here and most importantly in Vegas, The Signature also has its own pools. The guests at The Signature are also free to use the bigger pools at the MGM Grand.

Marriot’s Club Grand Chateau

It’s a family-friendly timeshare establishment that is located at a five-minute walk from The Strip at Harmon Avenue. For people that have fixed vacation schedules across years and are traveling with their families or groups of friends, Marriot’s Club Grand Chateau can be one of the best hotels in Las Vegas.


marriott vacation club,
Photo: The 5th floor pool at the Marriott Vacation Club Grand Chateau.

Here is why it’s one of the best hotels in Las Vegas in 2022 in mid-range budget.

Not the most prime location for people wanting to be in the thick and thin of The Strip. But, personally, for me, it couldn’t be more aptly placed. It’s just off The Strip, on the other side of Planet Hollywood across the Harmon Avenue. It’s location means that you could easily walk to any prime locations. The Cosmopolitan is less than a mile away while T Mobile Arena and The Venetian are less than 2 miles away. But if you are here for a week or so and plan to do your own groceries, you do need a means of transportation.


club grand chateau,
Photo: Marriot’s Vacation Club Grand Chateau is perfect for families.

  • It is designed as a resort-style hotel. For people who don’t want to dabble too much in gambling and the inevitable but invisible cloud of smoke that comes with Casinos and like a family friendly environment, Club Grand Chateau is the perfect spot. It has apartment or villa styled residences that are apt for large groups of friends and families.

  • The timeshare is done through a presentation where you can get points or gift cards depending upon what you want. The points will help you in the activities that the hotel organizes. Once again, great for families. There is also a designated playing area for kids in the lobby level which will keep the kids more than happy.

  • The rooms range from studio-sized guest rooms to large villas. In the smaller ones, you get limited kitchenette where as the larger ones have separate guest rooms, living room and a proper kitchen. You also have amenities to wash your own clothes which is more handy than what I thought at first.

  • There is a gym if you want to keep up with your fitness routine, a family friendly pool in the 5th floor and a slightly larger roof top pool geared for adults. The pools however are smaller as compared to what you can find elsewhere in Vegas.

  • Also, it doesn’t have it’s own full sized restaurant. So, you will have to do the groceries or take a small walk to eat out.

Tighter budget options

Paris Hotel

  • One of the most iconic landmarks in The Las Vegas Strip. The down scaled replica of The Eiffel tower is right there in every Las Vegas skyline photo. However what many seem to not notice is that there is also a replica of Arc de Triomphe right there which is very tastefully replicated but can be tackified due to large advertising on it at times. However, the resort styled Paris Hotel remains one of the best hotels in Las Vegas even in 2022.

hotels in las vegas,
Photo: Paris Hotel in Las Vegas has a scaled down replica of Eiffel tower as well as Arc de Triomphe


Here is why Paris Hotel is one of the best hotels in Las Vegas in 2022.

  • Absolutely prime location. Right across the street from Paris Hotel is the Bellagio. Great for people who want to stay and be near all the casinos, bars and restaurants. Vegas’ Deuce bus stop right in front of the hotel and Bally’s which is nearby has a monorail stop. It’s the Eiffel tower, one of the most iconic sights of the Vegas Strip, it gives you a feeling of being right in the heart of the action.

  • I can imagine, when it opened the Paris must have been absolutely beautiful to stay in with it’s French design through and through. But it’s 2022 and you can feel the age and a tad bit if tackiness creeping in the style and design. But what it lacks in up to date style points, it makes up with friendly staff.


the paris hotel, las vegas,
Photo: The Paris Hotel is a resort which has shops, restaurants along the cobblestone streets under it’s own roof.

  • There are 3,000 rooms in Paris and if you book wisely not only can you save a lot of money while staying in the heart of The Strip but also get a stunning view of the Bellagio Fountains or the Eiffel tower right from your room. The standard rooms are Burgundy 1 King meaning a single king-sized bed. The rooms can look a bit dated with the European chic vibe and heavy furniture but it doesn’t look tasteless.

  • Paris is a resort-style hotel. It contains almost everything under it’s roofs. There are cobble-stoned pavements with small, cozy shops, food courts, and souvenir shops under the roof of the resort. It’s can be a massive plus considering the temperatures in Las Vegas. You also have the Voie Spa and Salon, Paris Theater and Chateau Nightclub for people who want a taste of the nightlife. There is also a roof top pool with the view of the Eiffel tower.

  • There are several restaurants here. You can have Italian food at Martorano, French styled buffet at Le Village, Café Ile St Louis and of course Gordon Ramsay Steak, if you have the money for it.


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