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What Terminal is Frontier in Las Vegas Airport?


Frontier Airlines mainly operates at Terminal 3 of Harry Reid International Airport (LAS) in Paradise, Nevada. For its operations at Terminal 3, the airline utilizes Concourse E, which encompasses 14 gates. E gate is used for domestic flights whereas D gates are assigned for international flight operations. As the airport is so big so all these operations are managed easily. It sprawls across 2800 acres and there is seamless facilitates management. However various facilities are available on the site which includes parking services, pet relief areas, information booths, and lounges.


What is Frontier Terminal Las Vegas for Arrivals and Departures?

In Frontier Airlines Las Vegas terminal there are both international and domestic flights that take place at Level 2, T3 of Las Vegas airport, and E gates are utilized for the same. Whereas at level 2 you can check in, and near door 41 level at T3 curbside there is also a check-in. For the baggage, there is Level O. All the domestic flight arrivals are managed from Frontier Las Vegas Terminal 3. In fact, it is mostly used for international flight arrivals too. When you arrive, you can visit Level O, E Gates at Terminal 3 for your luggage claim.

Information about Frontier Terminal Las Vegas 

Here is some general information about the airline terminal in Las Vegas:-

  • Airport Name- Harry Reid International Airport
  • IATA Airport Code- LAS
  • LAS Airport Address- 5757 Wayne Newton Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119, United States
  • Airport Contact Number- 702.261.5211
  • Airport Administration Phone Number- 702.261.5100
  • Frontier Airlines LAS Terminal- Terminal 3
  • Working Hours- 24 Hours


Levels of Frontier Airlines

While traveling from Frontier Airlines Las Vegas Terminal 3, there are 4 levels. All these Levels include O, V, 1, and 2. Whereas Level O is for baggage facilities and there you can have the tram facilities also. All the parking services are available at Level V and at Level 1 there is Mezzanine space. For departures and check-in procedures, there is Level 2.


Map of Frontier Airlines Terminal 3

There you can easily find various locations at LAS Vegas Terminal 3 with the help of using map. As it provides all the directions and they all are related to check-in counters, security checkpoints, and baggage drop-off areas. But lounges and parking areas are the simplest areas to reach.


Lost and Found Facility at Frontier Las Vegas Airport

The lost and found facility is available at Level 2 of Terminal 3. The office counter is situated outside the security areas at T3, E Gates. In case you have lost your belongings you can visit there and within 30 days of the stuff being lost. You can report to them. 

  • LAS Airport Lost and Found Mobile number- 702-262-5134
  • Working Hours- 8 am to 4:30 pm
  • Business Days- Sunday to Friday


Restaurants at Frontier Terminal 3 Las Vegas Airport

There you will find a few restaurants at Frontier Terminal 3. You can visit Las Vegas Chophouse and Brewery which are located at Level 2 near Gate E8 after security at terminal 3. 5 am to 9 pm are the active hours and it works from Monday to Sunday. In case you want to contact them, you can make a call at 702-261-7321.


Top Destinations at the Frontier Terminal

It operates majorly from Terminal 3 of the Las Vegas International Airport. Both international and domestic routes are covered by this terminal. From there flight frequency also seems excellent for most of its locations.

Below there are international destinations with their domestic places

1. Cancun- Austin

2. Guatemala- Nashville

3. Montego Bay- Detroit


Parking Services at the Frontier Terminal

Travelers can make use of parking services at Level V of Terminal 3 at Las Vegas International Airport. In this parking area, both international and domestic passengers use these areas. Options are available for hourly booking and the minimum time frame for the service is 1 hour. You can also use it for 1 day or more if you want.


Amenities that are provided at Frontier Terminal Las Vegas Airport

There you will find various facilities at the frontier LAS Terminal 3 including a smoking area. However, you can not openly smoke at Harry Reid International Airport so there are designated areas for the activity. These facilities are located at Levels 2 and O at T3.


Where is the Frontier Lounge at Airlines

There are Gaming lounge at Level 2 of Terminal 3 at Airlines Las Vegas which is located near Gate E14. You will also find a club at LAS in another lounge near Gate E2. Remember that both the lounges have different facilities for use.


Can Flyers Transfer Between LAS Airport?

Shuttles are available to transport travelers at LAS Airport in the Frontier Airlines Terminal to other terminals. In the middle of the curb, there is level O, outside the security area at T3 these are the shuttles that are located in the airport. Usually, they operate every 20 to 30 minutes.


In Brief

Passengers who are flying with the Frontier Terminal Las Vegas can use Terminal 3 as both departures and arrivals are smoothly handled here. There are various levels that are observed to provide different facilities to ease these operations. It is an excellent and convenient option to fly from this airline.



1. Which terminal is Frontier in Las Vegas Airport?

Frontier is at terminal 3 at Las Vegas Airport.

2. What is the Frontier Arrival terminal at Las Vegas Airport?

This air operator employs terminal 3 at LAS for flight arrivals.

3. How much is short-term parking at Frontier Airlines Terminal in Las Vegas Airport?

There is short-term parking at Terminal 3 which ranges from USD 3 to USD 36.

4. Are Smarte Cartes available at Frontier Airlines Terminal Las Vegas Airport?

Near Doors 42/43 at Level 2, T3 the facility of Smarte Cartes is available.

5. Where are the Shuttles located at Frontier Air Las Vegas Terminal?

In the middle of the curb on Level O, shuttles are located at Terminal 3.

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