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Singapore Changi Airport: A Complete Guide


Imagine your day starts with some meditation in the beautiful scenery, then going for a swim in a rooftop pool, getting a soothing massage at the spa and finishing your day in a beautiful garden. This might sound like a short trip to a tropical resort, but it could be a layover at the Singapore Changi Airport.

Singapore Changi Airport, a premier aviation centre, is a must-visit tourist attraction all by itself. This airport was established in the late 20th century as a major exchange hub for money and transport as well as a crucial transit route between Europe, Asia and Australia. It has been rated as the world’s best airport by Skytrax and currently holds the title.

From dining and shopping to entertainment, Changi Airport has it all. It provides travellers with many services that other hubs have not yet begun to consider. The airport comprises three main terminals and a low-cost satellite terminal. So, whether you are in Singapore for a layover or a long vacation, Singapore Changi Airport is bound to enchant your every special moment.

The distance between Singapore Changi Airport and the city centre is only 11 miles due to Singapore’s small size which is only 270 square miles. There are shuttle buses, the MRT public rail system and automobile rental options. A transfer is required to get to the city centre from the neighbouring Tanah Marah station. Which is reached by the MRT that connects Terminals 2 and 3. However, the most well-liked and practical choice is to have a taxi, which can take you to the majority of locations in the city centre for less than $20 USD.

Facilities and Services

Facilities and Services-Singapore Changi Airport


Singapore Changi Airport provides amazing facilities to its tourists. So, let’s explore some amazing facilities and services of Changi Airport. 

  • Baby Care Rooms

At Singapore Changi Airport, you will find comforting baby care rooms facilities with hot water dispensers in each room.

  • Airline Lounges

Singapore airport lounge has an exclusive lounge facility for you. So that you can have a quiet place to catch up on your work and for relaxation. 


At Singapore international airport, you will learn about the French approach to well-being from Parish to the rest of the world. With wellness and beauty services, you may unwind a little before your departure. You will get massages, facials, showers and nail care facilities from 15  to 60 minutes.

  • Clinics at the Changi Airport

In case you are feeling unwell or require some medical assistance at Changi Airport. You can visit Raffles medical group, where you can seek treatment or get medicine for your speedy recovery.

  • Baggage storage by smarte carte

Are you worried about your baggage? Then, don’t worry as Singapore Changi Airport has the best facility of baggage storage. By that, you can shop hands-free or leave the airport comfortably. 

But they have their strict security procedures, that they will inspect your luggage or things once you will choose to leave with them.

  • Charging points at the Changi Airport

Your mobile gadgets won’t even run out of battery and thanks to the charging connections and universal power outlets located around the airport. For a quick boost for your smartphone, keep an eye out for the charging stations at the arrival and departure halls. Additionally, they can be found adjacent to seating areas, in business lounges, hold rooms at every gate, and more throughout all the 4 terminals. 

  • Entertainment 

There are so many games and movies available, so that you may pass the time there while you wait for your next flight.

Movies cinema

Here, you can enjoy movie buffs and complimentary movie screenings at the 24-hour movie theatres. ( closed till further notice)

Xbox Kinect

Body motions and voice activation that are primary control methods for this game experience. With a wide variety of games, you can take your friends to tennis, bowling, soccer, climbing, wakeboarding and target shooting. ( currently closed till further notice)

  • Napping area at the Changi Airport

There are designated napping places at the airport where you can set your alarm to vibrate and wake up before your trip if you don’t want to spend the money on a hotel.

  • Shower and Spa services

Recharge yourself, after a lengthy flight. There are some amazing shower and spa facilities, nail care, foot reflexology and massage treatments.

  • Prayer rooms

For your devotional moment, make your straight way to the Singapore Changi Airport prayers rooms which are located across all terminals.

Accommodation and Relaxation

At Singapore Changi Airport, there are plenty of accommodations available such as the newly built Crowne Plaza which is located in Terminal 3. As Changi Airport provides full hotels, services and transit accommodations inside the terminal’s immigration area. But in case you leave the terminal, you won’t be able to visit these hotels. 

There is an Ambassador Transit hotel at each terminal at the Singapore Changi Airport but you must visit the hotel at Terminal 1 to explore the incredible view of the rooftop pool. On the other hand, you will find hair care and aromatherapy services available at the hotels in terminal 2 and 3.  You can also book these rooms during the day, in between flights or simply to unwind before leaving the airport.

Attractions of Singapore Changi Airport



Singapore Changi Airport serves as more than just a transportation hub for intrepid travellers may surprise you. It stands alone as a destination for retail and a way of life! With Jewel Changi Airport opening in 2019, there is now an even greater range of attractions, stores, and F&B outlets available to both domestic and foreign travellers at the airport.

  • Jewel Changi Airport

Jewel Changi Airport is a shopping and entertainment complex with a natural theme that is connected to one of Changi Airport’s passenger terminals. There, you will get a chance to explore some amazing attractions.

  • Rain Vortex, the highest indoor waterfall.
  • Restaurants
  • Shiseido forest valley
  • Canopy park
  • Changi experience studio
  • Foggy Bowls

For a more exciting experience, you can discover slides and the sky nets, where you can walk or bounce to your heart. After that, you must check out the dining and retail options as well. 

  • Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1

Despite being the oldest terminal of the Singapore Changi Airport, Terminal 1 has some interesting sights to see. As soon as you enter the airport, the Arrival garden greets you with its exquisite assortment of flowers and glittering dragonfly topiaries. You can enjoy some peace and quiet while gazing at the Viewing Mall’s globe or plane, passing by or the mesmerising Kinetic Rain with its bronze raindrops arranged in a line. 

At the Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1, travellers in the transit zone don’t have to struggle with the ideas on what to do. As, there are several lovely gardens on the transport side, where you may take a restorative break after spending hours on your flight seat. For a moment of relaxation, you can have a seat in the Water Lily Garden or take in the splendour of the Tropical Rainforest Vivarium, Changi Airport first paludarium. It has a variety of plants and animals from South America and Southeast Asia to serve as a reminder of the entrancing beauty of nature.

  • Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2

When you reach the Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2, you can explore the beautiful Sunflower Garden or Orchid Garden to enjoy the beauty of fresh flowers. The Sunflower Garden is famously known for its rooftop view of the runway and the aircraft parking bays. Which is a rare treat for any traveller to see.

  • Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3

At Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 is a marvellous playground and some exciting adventure. Here, you can spot some incredible art installations that are flora inspiration and Daisy. Travellers can explore unique artworks with a natural theme that honour Singapore’s rich natural heritage and those who are travelling can anticipate some enjoyable activities at the Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3.

If you have some time left, you can have a look through the Crystal Garden to unwind or you can also visit the Butterfly Garden which is the first butterfly garden in the world with 40 species of butterflies. 

  • Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4
Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4


The newest terminal at the Singapore Changi Airport such as Chong’s Hey Ah chek! Sculpture, which won Chong Fah Cheong a cultural medallion, the 37-metre-long Singapore Rojak mural depicts the days of Singapore’s past. If you are passing through Terminal 4, then you should stop by the Peranakan Gallery and Heritage Zone to learn about Singapore’s Peranakan history and browse some of the neighbourhood stores and retailers. Indulge in a Kinect workout before taking off with the variety of games and arcade machines available at the Entertainment Corner for families travelling with their little ones. ( currently, terminal 4 is closed until further notice)

Food at The Singapore Changi Airport

There are many restaurants available in the Singapore Changi Airport that serve delicious cuisines. But, if you want to have some authentic Singaporean experience, you can visit the 24-hour food gallery at Terminal 3 to try some of the traditional hawker-style street food. Enjoy the incredibly irresistible Singaporean classics of Laksa, Hainan chicken rice, and mee siam, often known as Siamese noodles or you can satisfy your cravings with some Japanese food and satiate your taste with delicious ramen at IPPUDO EXPRESS or you can indulge yourself with London’s Burger and Lobster and dine in at Latin American Kitchen for new Mexican and Argentinian flavours. If you want to have an Indian vegetarian then you must visit Ananda Bhavan.

Shopping at the Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore is a shopping lover’s dream, and you don’t even have to leave the terminal to have a great time at the shopping paradise of the Singapore Changi Airport. From luxury goods to items by your favourite and well-known brands, Singapore Changi Airport has it all. At  Singapore Changi Airport you can have a great shopping experience, whether you plan to spend the day browsing racks of the newest apparel from regional designers or indulge in some retail therapy while waiting for a flight, Singapore Changi Airport has what you need for a fruitful shopping haul.


Singapore Changi Airport still holds the title of world’s best airport. As it has numerous things to do in the Changi airport and became a hub for travellers. It is an unforgettable tourist destination. As there are so many tourist attractions which you can not miss.

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