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Summer Camps 2022


It’s summer and you might be looking at summer camps for your children so that they don’t

spend most of their vacations looking at their iPads and computer screens. But navigating

through thousands of summer camps all around the globe can be a tedious task. Security,

quality, value for money, and most importantly, the happiness of your child can always make

you skeptical about many options.

Worry not, we have compiled a list of 6 of the absolute best summer camps in 2022 that you

can send your child to and in some cases be a part of yourselves. The list of Summer Camps

2022 has been complied with after reaching out to the camps themselves, reaching out to

parents, reading reviews, and on-site reviews by our teams. These are the best summer camps

for your kids in 2022

Raquette Lake Camps

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Age group: 6 to 15

American Camp Association Accredited

Duration: 7 weeks (June to August)

Type: sleepaway camp/residential

Boys Camp: 200 Campers Girls Camp: 300 Campers

Raquette Lake Camp is simply put, one of the best summer camps not just in 2022 but also

has been for the past several decades. There are high standards maintained here with lodging,

nutrition, activities, and discipline which makes it very popular among parents and children

alike. Thus, getting admitted into the camp also means going through a demanding selection


Located in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York, Raquette Lake Camp has a long

and rich history. In 1916 Ray K. Phillips established the “Cedar Island Camp for girls” in Inlet,

New York. 4 years later, the camp was moved to Antlers Hotel on Raquette Lake thus the

“Raquette Lake Girls Camp” was born.

boys lake camps ,
Photo: Raquette Boys’ Lake Camp

The boys’ camp was also started around 1922. After passing hands through several

ownerships, both the boys and girls camps were unified by Jerry Halsband in 1973. Ever since

the Raquette Lake Boys Camp and Raquette Lake Girls Camp are run separately but come

together weekly for lunch.

The Boys and Girls camps both have sports like Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis,

Volleyball, Lacrosse, Gymnastics, and water-based sports like swimming, sailing, fishing,

windsurfing, etc. Theatre arts, drama, and dance classes are among the activities on the art

side of things. At the end of the Camp, both the boys’ and girls’ camps, separately, are divided

into two groups each and participate in a fun-filled Color War which runs for a week.

raquette lake summer camps,
Photo: Outdoor activities in Raquette Lake Summer Camp 2021

Accommodation includes cabins with 6 to 16 campers and 30 campers in the oldest and

largest bunk. Each cabin has three counselors, a health center with registered nurses and

physicians, and separate bathrooms and shower areas. For every camper, the Raquette Lake

Camps has two staff members.

YMCA Camp Mason

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Age Group: 7 to 16

American Camp Association Accredited

Duration: 4 weeks (July to August)

Type: Overnight Camp, Day Camp, and other forms

No. Of Campers: 200

For both boys and girls

Camp Mason is a YMCA camp focusing on various physical and mental activities and

promoting a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Humanitarian work and empathy also have been at

the center of Camp Mason just like any other YMCA camp. It’s a private institution but is

accredited by the American Camp Association.

camp mason ,
Photo: Campfire at YMCA Camp Mason

Situated in Hardwick Township, New Jersey the YMCA Camp Mason is located right next to

the Delaware National Recreation Area. The Camp has its 650-acre property. But it’s not just

the size of the camp but also the long-standing tradition and history that makes it one of the

best summer camps to attend in 2022.

The camp has a relation, which is obvious from its name, with the worldwide youth

organization YMCA which was founded as early as 1844 in London. As the YMCA gained

popularity all across the world it branched out into various countries. It was the Mercer YMCA

which was founded this camp in 1900.

During its inception, it was named YMCA Camp Washington and was located on Marshall’s

Island. But after a devastating flood in 1955, the camp was relocated to Hardwick. It was

named after Ralph S. Mason who massively helped in rebuilding the camp in the 1970s.

There is absolutely no lack of any kind of facility in the summer camp. I secretly wish I could

have left behind my job and get admitted in the camp just to realize how it feels to be a kid in a

state of the art camping facility. The camp caters to young kids, has counselor training

programs for teenagers and also serves families, school excursions as well as to businesses as

a retreat.

YMCA camp mason, summer camps ,
Photo: Map of YMCA Camp Mason showing 4 villages.

There are four villages in the camp named placed around the central area where there are

courts for various games. A basketball court, street hockey ring lie next to the skate park, a

pool and wall and rope climbing facilities. In one corner there is the Lake Mason for boating.

Unlike our first entry, Camp Mason offers overnight camps and day camps along with Ranch

Camp and Adventure Bound Camps. The traditional overnight camp are separated according

to age groups between children of grade 2 to grade 9 and have separate girls’ and boys’

villages. The day camp starts at 9 at finishes at 4 in the evening.

Stagedoor Manor Summer Camps and Training Sessions

stagedoor ,

Age Group: 10 to 18

Type: Residential

Duration: Three sessions of Three weeks each

(late June to late August)

For both boys and girls

No of Campers: 290

Performance Arts

Traditional Camping are great for overall growth of a child while also having fun as they include

umbrella programs for the physical, mental and social health of the campers. But, sometimes

what a kid needs is a gentle nudge in the direction of his choice. Stagedoor Manor Summer

Camp and Training Sessions is the best option in 2022 for kids who have an inclination toward

performing arts.

Stagedoor Manor is located in Loch Sheldrake, New York, and is a center for performing arts.

Starting in late June the Center hosts three different three-week-long sessions. These sessions

end in late August. Children aged 10 years to 18 years are welcomed at these camps.

stagedoor manor ,
Photo: In 2006, Disney made a trial run for High School Musical at the Stagedoor Manor.

Boasting a long list of successful alumni who have gone on to have well-established careers on

TV and the Silver Screen, the Stagedoor Manor is an absolutely exciting place to be for young

aspiring artists. The establishment has several theatre spaces which have 250 to 350 seats.

Three big traditional stage theaters, the Oasis which is the round kind of theater, a cabaret-

styled theater and an outdoor amphitheater make up the main performing hotspots in the


In the three-week-long session, 280 campers are put in the process of making 9 musicals, 5

plays, two cabaret performances and one one-act playwriting competition. The sessions are

fun-filled but equally demanding and teach the campers the hows and whys of the

performance art world.

All these activities aren’t just done for the sake of doing things. Music Theatre International,

American Theater Wing, and other production houses continuously work with Stagedoor

Manor to produce musicals and plays. Famous alumni include Marvel’s superhero star team

Robert Downey Jr and Sebastian Stan are among many notable names

Green Camp Bali

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Age Group: 7 to 17

Type: Overnight as well as day camps

Duration: 1 day to 2 weeks (year-long)

For boys, girls, and families

No of Campers: Not Specified

Moving out of the US for Summer Camps we have the well-known tourist destination of Bali,

Indonesia. Bali is not just for young backpackers looking for beaches and parties and drinks.

Green Camp Bali offers you the unique chance to get your kids connected more to nature

while enjoying their holidays every bit.

The Green Camp is run by Green School which is located in the capital of Badung Regency of

Bali, Abiansemal. The school was established in 2008 by John and Cynthia Hardy and currently

has 400 students. It is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

, bali, Indonesia  , cheap flights,
Photo: Children learn to work with shoots at Green Camp Bali (Credit: The Bali Bible)

The camp, however, is open for both families, kids aged 7 to 17 and also to visiting school

groups. Programs range from half day visits to traditional overnight stay programs that run for

a week. The camp is set up around the core idea of learning to live in a sustainable and eco

friendly way and all the activities are centered around that value.

Each morning starts with yoga and then the children get into various activities like picking up

cocoa and turning them into chocolates. Families visiting together with their children can also

enjoy various activities. During the night, the campers are also taken for safari and get to be

near the local wildlife.

However, the absolute favorite of everyone must be the mud fight. Stripping away the notion of

remaining tip top and clean at all times, kids and families can jump into the mud and have a

fun-filled mud-slinging contest. The whole point of being close to the earth and finding a daily

routine beyond computer and mobile screens is asserted in non-imposing ways.

Reach Cambridge Summer Camp

Summer camps 2022, trippybug,  reach cambridge summer camp ,

Age group: 14 to 18

Accredited by British

Accreditation Council

Duration : 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and 6 weeks (July to August)

For both boys and girls

No. Of Campers : Not Specified

Type: Residential

Breaking the traditional mold of camps, next up on our list is Reach Cambridge summer camp.

This camp takes a side way from traditional camping, adventure, and outdoor activity and has

its primary focus on learning through various courses on offer. Children looking for guidance in

their upcoming university life and trying to get a taste of further studies will be massively

helped by this summer camp.

Location matters. Reach Cambridge is not affiliated with Cambridge University academically.

But, it is situated in the same city and including excursions and visits to the famous University

surely does help ignite fiery passion among the visiting children.

Students in age group 14 to 18 can choose between 14 different courses ranging from STEM,

Social and Political Sciences, Literature and Creative Writing, Medicine, Engineering, Business

Management and Economics and a whole lot more. Reach Cambridge is accredited by the

British Accreditation Council. At the end, the students also get certificates of completion that

later comes handy during application for universities.

But it’s not all boring studies and extension of the same old school life. Trips to Stratford-

Upon-Avon, London, and other cities are designed to get a first-hand experience of the UK’s

culture, Social life, and history. Students also get to mix up with fellow campers from all around

the globe making new friends and learning new perspectives.

Les Elfes International Summer Camps

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Age Group : 6 to 17

Type: Residential

Duration : around 6 weeks

(year-long divided into winter, spring and summer)

For both boys and girls

No. of Campers : 5,000 per year

How about rock climbing, surfing, mountaineering, and learning but in one of the world’s most

beautiful countries? Yup, it’s not some elaborate pipe dream. The Les Elfes International

Summer Camp offers children of various age groups the adventure of a lifetime in Switzerland

and is one of the best summer camps in 2022.

Les Elfes is located in the village of Verbier, Valais Canton Switzerland. It was first run in 1987

in a resort in Verbier but as time progressed and students increased, the school has grown into

its building complex. Each year there are around 5,000 students from all around the globe here.

Summer camps
Photo: The rope course in Les Elfes Summer Camp

The summer camp is divided into three groups according to the age group of children: 6 to 10

years old named Discoveries, 11 to 14-year-olds named Explorers, and 15 to 17-year-olds

named Pioneers. The young 6 to 10 group learns languages, visit the Emmoson dam,

participate in Camp fire and other outdoor activities. The 11 to 14 year olds have almost the

same schedule in addition to boating and town visiting.

The oldest batch of students have more physical activities like mountain biking, visiting the air

tunnel, and various rope courses. Students also take part in arts, cooking and theatre classes.

The personal development of students is also overlooked by professionals who help them boost

their confidence through public speaking and team-building activities.

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