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The Best Hotels in London – Luxury to budget-friendly ones.


London is a massive city. It can be quite a difficult (not to mention expensive) affair to get around this sprawling city if you don’t plan carefully about where you stay. But, that is exactly why we are here.

Many in our team have studied in London, and quite a few have frequented London for various business-related affairs. Based on our own experiences along with thousands of reviews on

different sites we have come up with a list of the best hotels in London for visitors looking to make the most out of their time in one of the most visited cities in the world.

The list is divided accordingly into different places so that it becomes easier for you to plan accordingly. It also has hotels that belong to different price categories from luxury options to mid-range options to budget options.

Best Hotels in The City, London

London map

Don’t confuse this with London city, the capital of the UK. The City of London or simply The City or “Square Mile” is a district inside London on the north bank of the River Thames. Established by the Romans in 47 to 50 AD, The City makes up for the historic center as well as the financial district of the capital. It may not be the most appealing area to live for people wanting to be in the thick and thin of all things happening in London but it has many of the best hotels in London.

The Ned

hotels in london

Spectacular, full of character, huge, and quirky, The Ned is simply one of the best hotels in London. The location is not the most ideal but the Ned more than makes up for it with its service, architecture, a whole host of restaurants and bars, a spa, and the beautiful Grand Banking Hall for a lobby that comes alive at night with the band. The Ned is a world in itself.

When you enter the lobby, you get a sense that you have seen it before. That is because it was built as the headquarters for the Midland Bank between 1924 to 1939 by Sir Edwin Lutyens. It had been sitting empty since 2004 but was reopened as a hotel and members’ club in 2017.

hotels in london

The hotel has 11 floors, three of which are underground, 252 rooms, and listen to this: 9 restaurants, 15 bars, an in-house barber shop, spa, a gym, and a separate room for hosting a party named the Tapestry room! The rooms have a vintage charm the attention to detail in décor and amenities is ovation worthy. The lobby is packed almost all year round with guests but the service is quick and hassle free.

The downside is the location. It’s not exactly in the heart of The City and is busier on weekdays with people going to offices rather than at the weekends. There are also a few facilities inside the hotel that are only accessible to members.

Locke at Broken Wharf

broken wharf

An alternative for people who don’t like living in stereotypical hotel rooms, the Locke at Broken Wharf is an apartment mixed with a hotel. It is situated on the north bank of the Thames and has prime locations like the London Eye, Tate Britain, St. Paul’s, and Shakespeare’s Globe nearby while the Millennium Bridge sits next to it. Not as expensive as our first entry on the list, it is absolutely bang on value for money and definitely one of the best hotels in London.

This aparthotel has a 113 studios and the interiors are tastefully done. The easy on the eye colors fit well with the furniture, plants and depending upon the room can have beautiful views of the city through floor to roof windows. Locke at Broken Wharf also has its own restaurant and deli which runs 24×7, a gym, a bar and “house hosts” who are there to help you wherever and whenever needed.

Z Hotel City, London

z hotel london ,

Located on Fleet Street opposite the beautiful Royal Courts of Justice, Z City is an affordable option for people on a tighter budget. The hotel doesn’t skip on functionality and service despite being very affordable and therefore is one of the best hotels in London. Covent Garden, Temple Church, St. Paul’s is within a walk’s distance away which means you will always be near to the major attractions in London as well as the bustling nightlife.

There are 109 rooms in the Z City in London and all rooms are compact with a clean black and white layout. The bed takes most of the space while the rooms under “Inside” category don’t have windows and only the rooms under “Accessible” category have bathtubs. The in house café Zest serves good food and complementary cheese and wine between 5 PM to 8 PM.

Best Hotels in Soho and Covent Garden

hotels in soho london

Soho and Covent Garden both lie in the West End of London. Soho has transformed its image in the past few decades into a really cool area full of great restaurants, bars and a vibrant nightlife.

Covent Garden has many of London’s most recognizable landmarks like the Covent Garden Market itself. It is also home to many theaters, museums, classic pubs, bars and upscale restaurants.

Ham Yard  Hotel

ham yard hotel

Located in the prime location near Reagent’s Street, Mayfair, and Piccadilly, this understated and stunningly artistic hotel is one of the best hotels in London. British interior designer Kit Kemp designed the hotel and you can see the bright popping colors and patterns which could easily have been an eyesore mix seamlessly with the light, décor pieces, and wood carvings giving an aura of intimacy and richness. The textures, artwork, ornaments, even the upholstery on the furniture play on your senses every where you turn in this hotel.

But the design is not the only great factor in Ham Yard. There is a bar, a restaurant and a guests only terrace dining area on the fourth floor. The Croc Bowling Alley on the lower levels with its lighting and color makes you feel like you are in some Indie movie.

You can also enjoy the spa and the gym however the Drawing Room and Library are reserved for residents only. There are 91 rooms and suites and 24 apartments which are all beautifully designed and decent sized. The menu in the in house restaurant is European themed and also offers a vegan alternative.

The Savoy

hotels in london

What can one say about the Savoy that already hasn’t been said before? This symbol of class, of opulence, of tradition on the face of an ever changing industry has always maintained the high standards expected of it ever since it was built in 1889. It is located in the Strand and its entrance is equally legendary being the only street in all of Britain where the traffic drives on the right.

Only twice has the Savoy been closed since its establishment ; once during the unfortunate events of the Corona Virus pandemic and once in 2010 when it was restored at a cost of whooping £220 million. The restoration only served to preserve the original Art Deco and Edwardian architecture and enhance the stunning symbols like the Lalique fountain and the front hall that separate the Savoy from other hotels. Everything seems exclusive and traditional here and yet everything is modern and sophisticated too.

There is nothing that you would want and cannot get in the Savoy making it one of the best hotels in London. You have the Beaufort bar, Kaspar’s restaurant, a fully equipped gym, sauna, spa, pool, a hammam even apart from the premium feeling service from the staff. There are 265 spacious rooms in the hotel and most of them have a beautiful view of the Thames.

hub by Premier Inn London

hub by premier inn ,

Situated on Saint Martin’s Lane near Leicester Square, hub is a three star hotel by the UK’s largest hotel brand : Premier Inn. This hotel chain has around 800 hotels and one might be inclined to doubt the quality out of a chain that is known for quantity. Rest assured, hub is a smart, tech savvy, clean and simply one of the best hotels in London at a budget friendly price tag.

This brick façade with striking black window panels of the hub gels into what can be described as a great place to be for theatre, arts and music lovers. The hotel has an in house deli but there are plenty of great restaurants and eateries barely minutes away from it. The rooms are small but are cleverly designed giving you enough space so as not to feel cramped and cheap.

Best Hotels in Mayfair

hotels in london

Mayfair is one of the poshest areas of London. Although it is home to the wonderfully curated red brick mansions of the rich and famous, upscale restaurants, expensive boutique stores, and bars it also has a lot of landmarks to see for visitors.


Claridge’s hotel

For all the history, reputation and the long list of prestigious guests including the Royal family, it could be quite easy for the Claridge’s to be merely ostentations. But, this glamorous hotel sitting at one corner of the Brook and Davies Streets in Mayfair has a polished, sleek and surprisingly personal vibe about it. From the moment you step into the hotel, the cream, black and white Art Deco interiors, the chandelier, the Foyer and the Reading Room, feels grand and richly drenched in history.

One of the best hotels in London, the Claridge’s offers you rooms from Superior King or Queen rooms to slightly more spacious Deluxe rooms, suites, Deluxe Studios and even Penthouses to match the price you pay with sheer luxury. There is a gym which is slightly smaller and also a spa but that is not why you come to the Claridge’s for. The bar has an excellent selection of cocktails and the Davies and Brooks restaurant is opulent while the Reading Room and The Foyer serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. However it is quite abuzz during tea time which is a custom here.

Best Hotels in london, Shoreditch

hotels in shoreditch

Shoreditch had bit of a seedy reputation in the past. But as time has passed more and more businesses have flocked in to this part of East London. Currently Shoreditch sits in this amalgamation between the hipsters, graffiti, immense mixture of culture, food and the new and fancy restaurants and bars.

Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch

courthouse hotel london,

Unlike many of the hotels in our list, the Courthouse Hotel in Shoreditch opened as recently as 2016. But this doesn’t mean it is just some fancy, upscale place that recently popped up. Oh no. This hotel was previously the Old Street Magistrates Court and police station where in the 1960s the Kray Twins were held.

Close to the Old Street Underground station and many bus routes this hotel gives you a chance to be near the hip and trendy places of East London. Many cafés, markets, museums and Brick Lane are an evening stroll away. Quirky and unique features like a 196 seater cinema hall, two laned bowling alley, judicial themed restaurants and menu apart from a fully equipped modern gym, and pool make the Courthouse one of the best hotels in London.

Boundary Project

boundary project ,

Shoreditch previously wasn’t exactly an trendy area where the fancy folks gathered around but that trend has changed in the recent years. The opening of the Boundary Hotel on the corner of the Boundary St and Red Church St near Shoreditch High is one of many signs of how the area has changed into a crowd puller. Especially the roof top bar and grill is packed with people on weekends.

The building of the hotel was previously a warehouse but now has 5 suites, 12 bedroom, a restaurant in the basement, Albion café on the ground level and of course the rooftop bar and grill. What makes Boundary one of the best hotels in London is the fact that it has been a designing geek’s paradise as each room is designed after separate designer or designing philosophies from the 20th Century. Although it doesn’t have a gym or a spa, the service is excellent and quick.

Best Hotel in South Kensington

hotels in london

South Ken as it is called is an affluent and expensive area in West London. It is home to some great museums like the Natural History Museum of London, Royal Albert Hall and Hyde Park. There is no shortage of bars and restaurants in this area either.

Cheval Gloucester Park Hotel


Cheval Gloucester Park Hotel

This slightly over 2-year-old hotel has a 10-storied building complex that encapsulates 98 full-fledged apartments. You have the option of having a single, double or triple bedroom apartment or if you have deep enough pockets, there are three penthouses with five bedrooms atop of the three buildings in the complex. Guests are welcome at Gloucester Park as long as they wish to stay.

Gloucester Park is one of the best hotels in London for families or groups or even single travelers who don’t fancy hotels that much and want something closer to home. It is barely few minutes away from Gloucester Road Tube and visitors will be near Kensington Gardens, Royal Albert Hall, Hyde Park, and Waitrose supermarket. Services are top-notch here with even a team of concierge team who help guests with almost anything available on call 24 hours a day.

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