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Top 15 hotels near Disneyland


The happiest place on earth doesn’t need an introduction now, does it? No matter what age you are

or where you come from, Disneyland is a pure, sheer wonderland. With a plethora of amusement sites

and parks, Disneyland is just the perfect package.

So, here is a meticulously curated list of the best hotels near Disneyland, as they are the last

piece of the beautiful puzzle,

All you need to complement all this is just the perfect


1. Courtyard Anaheim by Marriot

This a great pick if you’re looking for hotels near Disneyland as it’s just steps away from the entrance

to the coveted theme park. Situated on harbour Boulevard, it is only a 5-minute stroll away and is, therefore, a wise choice. There is an onsite water park and a wholesome feel to it which caters to the

entire family and offers an exhilarating experience. Every imaginable amenity is present here with

superfluous water slides and an in-house surfside waterpark. With all of this combined, it becomes

one of the best hotels near Disneyland for you to stay and rejoice.

 hotels near Disneyland
Anaheim Courtyard


2. The Westin Anaheim

Newly established into the list of hotels near Disneyland and origin-wise too, The Westin is just an

amble away from both Downtown Disney and Disneyland. There are rooms aplenty and many of them have balconies which provide panoramas of the theme park nearby. The Westin grabs a spot in great

hotels in Disneyland as it offers stunning views of the Disney fireworks from its rooftop bar and

amazing restaurants. Recreational and fitness centres are present at the resort, so that you don’t miss

out on anything. The search for hotels near Disneyland is over as the Westin will surely deliver on all

your expectations.

 hotels near Disneyland
Rooftop Views from The Westin


3. Castle Inn and Suites

You must have found several results for hotels near Disneyland but this Camelot-themed one is pretty

unique and great. It is a hop-skip-and-jump to Disneyland, which makes it a convenient option for

hotels near Disneyland. Owing to its family-owned status, it provides a familiar warmth of home away

from home. The rooms are beautifully decorated and the interiors are intricately crafted for a

pleasurable stay. Free parking is also among perks, makes it among the super-saver hotels near

Disneyland. Although it lacks an in-house restaurant, there are many food joints nearby. For a budget

friendly stay, this is one of the best hotels near Disneyland.

castle inn ,  hotel,   cheap hotels
The attractive Castle Inn


4. Best Western Park Place

trippybug, CHEAP HOTELS,
Best Western Plus Park Place

There are many Best Western lodgings under strolling distance to Disneyland (five to be definite). This

chain specializes in building hotels near Disneyland. The best one though is the Best Western Plus Park

Place. It is in a real sense right across the road from the primary entry on Harbour Boulevard, and most

likely closer to the parks than the Disneyland lodging itself! Other than being a short stroll to the parks,

the Best Western Plus Park Place offers perspectives on the firecrackers around evening time. Rooms

and suites are refreshed and agreeable, and there are heaps of choices so you can pick the best one

for your family size and needs! Truly one of the best hotels near Disneyland.


5. Hyatt House (*Top rated hotels near Disneyland)

hyatt house,  cheap hotels
Hyatt house, Anaheim

The Hyatt hotel chains are the best in the world, let alone hotels near Disneyland. Featuring a 15-

minute walk to Disneyland, it is a great option which is in close proximity. The rooms are apartment

themed therefore have the extra spacing required to accommodate the entire family. There is also a

grocery shopping venture present right at the hotel so you can haul if you’ve forgotten something. With

the complimentary buffet breakfast, this is just an irresistible deal if you’re looking for great hotels

near Disneyland. Also features an indoor pool for recreational purposes.


6. Fairfield Inn, Anaheim

This is the most sophisticated option among the hotels near Disneyland. Just a block away from

Disneyland, the Fairfield inn is a great option if you’re travelling with either your family or alone. The

rooms are periodically renovated to keep up with the modern hospitality standards and the service

here is next to perfect. There are also Disney-themed rooms available here for the perfect emulation experience. The fireworks show can be spotted from any balcony of the rooms and is a joy to watch.

For hotels near Disneyland curate for you the entire experience, choose Fairfield Inn.

cheap hotels, trippybug,
Fairfield Inn pool


7. The Hilton, Anaheim (*Top rated hotels near Disneyland)

With 1,572 visitor rooms, the Hilton Anaheim is Orange County’s biggest lodging and its most sterling

spectacle. It is viewed as a conference hall lodging, found nearby the Anaheim Resort Convention

Centre and simply a short stroll to the Disneyland Resort. However, the Hilton Anaheim Convention

Centre is fundamentally known as a business lodging, the extraordinary thing about this property is

that when there isn’t an occasion happening at the Convention Centre, rooms are really affordable

and this makes it one of the best hotels near Disneyland! You can stay here for just $89 every evening,

which is astounding for a full-administration resort lodging. Among the lodging’s many elements are

the contemporary Mix Restaurant and Lounge, three outside garden decks, a pool, spa and wellness

focus, and a full-administration business focus. With these prices, this is a steal for hotels near


hilton hotel,  trippybug
The Hilton, Anaheim


8. Candy Cane Inn

A moderately-priced option among hotels near Disneyland, the candy cane inn is a bang for the buck.

Although it’s a short walk away from Disneyland, the management offers shuttle rides at all times for

its customers. An exotic, continental and complimentary breakfast is provided which makes it all the

more worthwhile. The interiors have a rustic aura to them, which is symbolic of a classic, timeless

Disney experience. Renovations were underway not long ago but it is now open, newly renovated and

ready to cater to all your needs, so you don’t look for other hotels near Disneyland.

cheap hotels, cheap flights,  trippybug,



9. JW Marriott

This is the most opulent offering by Marriot under the tag of hotels near Disneyland. With every inch

of the property symbolizing regalia, this hotel is for the heavy pockets but provides the worth of every

penny spent. Luxurious suites and rooms are offered with 24*7 amenities and hospitality. The wellness

centre here is world-renowned for its great offerings. For the non-frugal, this is the best among hotels

near Disneyland.

jw marriott, cheap hotels,
The JW Marriott


10. Four points by Sheraton

The four points by Sheraton is a great offering if you’re looking for exquisite hotels near Disneyland.

The Four Points by Sheraton opened only a couple of years’ prior, supplanting the Hotel Ménage and

going through a total redesign. There is another eatery on location at this inn near Disneyland. This

property’s greatest selling point is its Al-fresco region, which is truly magnificent. The Four Points by

Sheraton has an enormous pool, pleasant tropical finished deck and open air bar. Pull up a parlour

seat around evening time and partake in a fantastic perspective on the firecrackers. End your search

for hotels near Disneyland with this exquisite offering by Sheraton.

four points by sheraton
Four points by Sheraton


11. Sun coast Park, Anaheim. (*Top rated hotels near Disneyland)

The renovation which was underway has transformed the sun coast park into the newest hotels near

Disneyland and is just walking distance away from it. The beautiful exterior shades complement each

other, green and white, and drastically increase the attractiveness of the Hotel. All rooms come with

necessary amenities equipped and an access to an outdoor pool. What makes it a prudent choice

among hotels near Disneyland is the exotic complimentary breakfast.

cheap hotels,


12. Howard Johnson by Wyndham. (*Top rated hotels near Disneyland)

Howard Johnson is one of the most interesting hotels near Disneyland owing to its pirate theme water

park and game room. It is a no-brainer if you’re travelling with fun-loving kids as all the arrangements

here will leave them dumbfounded and surprised. This title has been constantly named not only

among hotels near Disneyland, but in the USA. You can also choose a pirate-themed room with bunk

beds to create that ’off at sea’ vibe and give your children a lasting memory. The water park is a unique

one with water slides and cannons and a huge pirate ship. All you want is here, so why still search for

hotels near Disneyland?

cheap hotels,
Howard Johnson


13. The Sheraton Park Hotel

Sheraton Park Hotel is situated close to the Anaheim Convention Centre and a short stroll to the parks

which is why it made to the list of hotels near Disneyland. The lodging as of late went through a

significant redesign and everything is gleaming and new. The rooms are huge and elegantly beautified.

They have beautiful galleries, which is generally an additional advantage for the creative ones! The

Sheraton Park Hotel has a few on location eateries and bars, including one out by the pool. Mentioning

the pool – the lodging’s aesthetics are amplified by it, and it is extraordinary with a lavish, tropical feel.

So in the event that you are going in the late spring particularly, this is an extraordinary stay to consider

among the hotels near Disneyland.

sheraton park landscape
The Sheraton park landscape


14. Residence Inn by Marriott. (*Top rated hotels near Disneyland)

Another wonderful offering by Marriott, the residence Inn is a great choice for hotels near Disneyland

as it has many unique features. Firstly, it comes with a full-size kitchen built with a room which lets

you save on costly meals by making food at home itself. There is a choice for a kids’ room which is

radiantly decorated with bright and colourful themes, which are appealing to children. Also, free

breakfast is also offered which makes it a wise and frugal choice among hotels near Disneyland.

kids hotels, cheap hotels,
Kids theme Room at the Residence Inn


15. The Lulu Hotel

Overlooking beautiful garden balconies and stunning new modern architecture, such is the view from

balconies of the Lulu hotel, which is newly built and glamorous in all respects and a doyen of hotels

near Disneyland. Rooms come with a lot of amenities to make your stay comfortable and luxurious.

There are a couple of activities offered such as wine reception for adults and movie screenings for the

entire family. All of these is what makes a hotel great and probably why the Lulu is a great choice

among hotels near Disneyland.

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