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Top 20 Hotels in Phuket


Happiness and mental peace are the most sought-after yet underrated abstracts that one chases in

life but still, they remain elusive. The reason lies in the priority that we give to what others think of

ourselves, rather than giving it to what we fathom to become. As most aptly put by Seagram’s

commercial, it’s your life, make it large!

God has created some beautiful places in the world and it will be a pity if you die without witnessing

what they have to offer. One such destination is Phuket in Thailand. From dreamy beaches to lush

greens, from luxury hotels to budget havens, Phuket has it all. Hotels in Phuket are one of the best

in the world. And all await at the click of a button, are you game?

Avista Hideaway

One of the most well-known hotels in Phuket, Avista is a spectacle to behold. The tranquil milieu is

pervasive throughout the premises and is also mirrored in the designs and architecture used. This

hotel in Phuket is the perfect getaway for couples as the rooms are equipped with every imaginable

amenity. Wish to experience the nightlife or the hyped beaches? The staff got you covered with their

private shuttle, escorting you to the Patong beach. What more could you possibly ask for?

avista hideaway, thailand ,
The Avista hideaway, Phuket

Anantara Layan Resort

anantara layan sea-view balcony
The view from Anantara Layan sea-view balcony

Gracing the western coast of Phuket, this humdinger of a hotel in Phuket awaits to mesmerise you

to your core. The tranquil bay surrounding the premises induces a sense of relaxation and bliss. The

layan beach is just a walk away with ivory sands and pristine blue waters. You can choose from a

variety of suites, rooms or pool villas, according to your budget, so there is something for everyone

in this hotel in Phuket. The Anantara is locally renowned for its warm hospitality and polite staff.

Also, don’t forget to dive into the amazing water sports here, you’ll definitely regret it.

The Racha

One of the Uber deluxe hotels in Phuket, the Racha is a force to be reckoned with. This hideaway is

situated on the Racha island, 12 miles from Chalong bay of Phuket. The divine corals, exquisite

marine life and heavenly beaches here, will leave you dumbfounded, to say the least. With 85 exotic

villas to choose from, the Racha leaves no stone unturned in making you feel like a king. The food

offered here will make your buds crave for more every time you taste some. So, book that ticket

today and spend a fortnight or more in one of the best hotels in Phuket, because that’s how long it

will take to assimilate everything the Racha has to offer.

hotels in phuket
Sterling views from the Racha’s balcony

Trisara, Phuket

trisara phuket
Trisara, Phuket

To say that this is one of the best hotels in Phuket, would definitely be an understatement as the

torrent of experiences that the Trisara offers, are both exemplary and limitless. The word Trisara, is

Sanskrit for “The garden in the third heaven”, which it very vehemently justifies. It is wrapped inside

a tropical forest, just 15 minutes from Phuket airport. The lush greens combined with azure blues

form the perfect natural amalgamation of beauty and divinity. The designs and interiors are well

crafted with opulence oozing from every inch of them. Infinity pools in this hotel in Phuket, stretch

into the Andaman sea, forming the perfect confluence of contrasting blue waters.

Sri Panwa, Phuket

If local crowds are among your pet peeves, then Sri Panwa is the best hotel in Phuket for you as it

has the biggest footprint of international travellers. Every suite comes with a private pool and

private beach access is also provided to all customers. Excited? Well, there’s more to come as every

corner of this hotel in Phuket is perfectly curated to provide you with the utmost satisfaction and

comfort. What the beach lacks in size, it compensates in sheer beauty and transcendence,

catapulting you into a different, idyllic world. Still, looking for hotels in Phuket? End that search now

with Sri Panwa.

hotels in phuket
The mesmerizing Sri Panwa premise

The Nai Harn

Adding beauty and context to Nai Harn beach and bay is the Nai Harn Resort, one of the best hotels in

Phuket. Placed perfectly in a small hillside forest, The Nai Harn is not like your average stay, it’s a blissful

experience. Overlooking the Prothep cape, this hotel in Phuket offers glistening views of the beautiful

beaches and waters that provide mental and visual solace to the viewer. The warm Thai hospitality is

evident in the staff and service of the Nai Harn

, truly amongst the best hotels in Phuket. Water sports,

great food and solitude-like privacy are all part of the Nai Harn, so if you visit Phuket, book your stay

here for sure.

thailand hotels ,
Nai harn, Phuket

Village Coconut Island Resort

coconut island ,
The Village, Coconut Island

The limelight of the coconut island, pervasive with tall and grand coconut trees, is the Village island

resort. It is surely amongst the best hotels in Phuket as it offers the entire package. With unmatched

country-level beauty present on the coconut island, the Village adds to the experience of sheer

tranquillity and peace. All kinds of activities such as meditation, gym and fitness, water sports, and

decadent foods are offered here in abundance. You can also take a Muay Thai class for a unique

experience and add a feather to your cap of laurels. The resort is highly rated by customers which is

evident in the hospitality and cleanliness offered in this hotel in Phuket.

The Naka Island resort

naka island resort ,
The Naka island resort, Phuket

Located amongst topaz green coconut groves, is the Naka island resort which justifies its place

among the best hotels in Phuket. It has white sand beaches and the endless waters of the Phang Nga

Bay, add to the divinity and beauty. It is merely a short speed boat ride from the main Phuket island

and is perfect for an escape from the hullabaloo of city life. There are 67 ornately curated villas,

which will rejuvenate and replenish you in unfathomable ways. The food and hospitality are world

class and the super-fun activities act as the essential cherry on the cake. All this makes it one of the

best hotels in Phuket to choose from and enjoy.

Rosewood, Phuket

hotels in phuket
Luxurious interiors at the Rosewood

In every list of best hotels, there is one which is the insignia of opulence and luxury, one which offers

all the razzmatazz and is visited by commoners and celebrities alike, Well, the Rosewood is the most

quintessential example of that hotel in Phuket. Gracing the shoreline of Emerald bay, the rosewood

will cater to all your needs and wants and entice you with a thousand other offerings. It has lavish,

intricately crafted interiors with exquisite designs and features. It offers comfort and service of the

highest order, which will make you feel like a king and no less. With 71 pavilions and villas offering

scintillating views of the blue, azure ocean, it is the flagship choice amongst hotels in Phuket.

Como point, Yamu, Phuket

Overlooking the grand Andaman sea is one of the best hotels in Phuket, the COMO point. The

beautiful limestones of Phang Nga Bay infused with the emerald blue waters, create a sight which

transfixes the beholder.

This hotel in Phuket is the perfect example of Thai luxury that is world-renowned. There are two

aesthetically designed restaurants which will provide you with a plethora of cuisines and offerings,

making your stay infinite times more delectable.

So, get off that office desk and transport here to Phuket, as life is calling incessantly.

hotels in phuket
Beautiful infinity pool at the COMO point


cheap hotels, cheap flights ,
Sterling views at the Amanpuri

With 1988 as its inception year, the Aman Puri is truly one of the best hotels in Phuket, as it has come

a long way and is now world-renowned for its exceptional hospitality and delectable cuisines which

are offered at the resort premises. The word Aman Puri is Sanskrit for the city of peace, and everything

here symbolises and holds true to this name. There are 70 luxurious villas and pavilions to choose from

as you enter this beautiful city of peace. By choosing this hotel in Phuket, give peace and your life, a

second chance.

Keemala, Phuket

keemala phuket , cheap hotels in phuket ,
Keemala, Phuket

Looking for some hotels in Phuket that is a tad different from the rest? Well, the Keemala has your

back. With elliptical shapes and unique aesthetics, the Keemala is truly different from the rest. It’s an

all-pool villa wonderland, nestled away from the hustle-bustle of Phuket city. It offers both rustic and

lavish experiences with something for every kind of traveller. Shrouded by a beautiful green

canopy of the forest, it offers stunning views of the forest and the sea. Take out your phone and click

a postcard shot here at sunset to gain bragging rights amongst your friends and caption it with the

‘best hotel in Phuket.’

Six senses, Yao Noi

cheap hotels in thailand ,
Six Senses Yao Noi

If you want a hotel that gives you the indigenous feel and vibe of Phuket, this is the best hotel in

Phuket for that purpose. The rural and rustic ambience shouldn’t be confused for an uncomfortable

stay, as the hospitality and service here are top-notch. Overlooking the mesmeric Phang Nga bay, Six

senses offers beautiful views of the protruding limestone jutting out of the waters. There is an outdoor

cinema and many other outdoor fun activities that will keep you occupied and satisfied. Pleasurable

dining experiences follow this outdoor fun gala and make for the perfect getaway from mundane life.

Banyon Tree, Phuket

hotels in phuket
Private pool at the Banyan Tree hotel

Probably a wonderland among hotels in Phuket, the banyan tree is the doyen of idyllic hotels. Evident

from the picture, isn’t it? A tropical paradise in the midst of Bang Tao bay, it is the true testament

to heavenly beauty. Ample space of 400 hectares, there is a lot to do in this premises. Delectable

cuisines are served at all times which will leave you craving for more. For a holiday resplendent with

tranquillity, peace and stillness, visit this hotel in Phuket.

The Phuket cleanse

cheap hotels in phuket,
The Phuket cleanse premises

A quintessential example of a detox retreat among hotels in Phuket, the cleanse is renowned for its

world-class fitness programmes and ever-helping staff which will motivate you like no other. Some

examples include Muay thai boxing, mountain hikes and yoga which are coupled with recreational

activities such as visits to the night market, cozy poolside barbecues and cinema times. If you’re an

adventure junkie, then this is the best hotel in Phuket, curated specially for you.

The Surin, Phuket

cheap hotels in thailand ,

The Surin is one of the best hotels in Phuket due to its location which is situated on one of the most

beautiful beaches in Thailand. You would be tempted to return to this establishment as it will provide

you with superfluous amenities and care. The staff here is very polite and attentive and you won’t

have to move a muscle. Sea views and all amenities are included in the price of the rooms. Also,

activities such as water sports and tennis are available in this hotel in Phuket for you to enjoy and


Baba beach Club

If your priority is nightlife and funkiness, then this is the hotel in Phuket for you to choose and book

today. Located to the north of Phuket, it offers personalised cabanas, suites and villas. The interiors

are well decorated and crafted, which leave a lasting presence on the mind. The service, food and

activity centre are all world-class and equipped with enough sass to keep you piqued. This hotel in

Phuket is also a bit on the budget side and a great option for the frugal travellers.

baba beach club,
Baba Beach Club

Supicha Hotel

Pool fanatics, brace yourselves as this hotel in Phuket will wash all your previous expectations and

multiply them exponentially. The pool stretches along the entire property and therefore creates a

stunning visual which is totally and completely instagrammable. Be it any room you’re in, open the

door and jump into the pool. With a 5-star rating and all other necessary amenities, this makes the

Supicha, one of the best hotels in Phuket. Fitness centres and spa treatments are also part of the


cheap hotels in thailand,
The all pool Supicha

Crowne Plaza

thailand hotels,

Situated on the Panwa beach, is one of the most extraordinary hotels in Phuket, the Crowne plaza.

This is a beachfront type hotel which offers stupendous views of the waves crashing and returning like

a nature’s boomerang. World class spa treatments are the x-factor here as they provide a

transcendent level of relaxation and rejuvenation. The dining spots here are both picture perfect and

delectable, offering multiple cuisines. Concierge is available 24*7 for any assistance on entertainment

spots. What more could you ask from a hotel in Phuket?

Westin Siray Bay Resort

cheap hotels in thailand ,
Westin Siray Bay Resort

Overlooking the beautiful Bayfront, Westin Siray is a great hotel in Phuket. Marvellous views of the

The Andaman Sea can be drank in from just your balcony with a drink in your hand. With this fabulous

natural offering, it is equipped with every modern amenity like gyms, spas, infinity pools and a 24*7

concierge. The food and staff are perfect and the ratings received on various leading platforms are no less

than 5 stars. Looking for a budget hotel in Phuket? Westin Siray is the wise pick.

Mandarava Resort and Spa

Both the list and your search for the best hotels in Phuket end here as the Mandarava is a paragon

against which other hotels in Phuket are measured. Tucked away in the midst of a tropical forest, the

natural aura and milieu, speak for themselves and induce a peaceful vibe into the air around the resort.

Al fresco food and dining is a heavenly experience as you enjoy decadent meals with the cold, beach

winds teasing your hair. There are lagoon-shaped infinity pools for you to bask in. A budget spa option

is also available.

They say if you snooze, you lose, so book that ticket today and give yourself the experience of a


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