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Top 20 Workation destinations in India


Work from home, owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, has become a prevalent and here-to-stay norm. A majority of companies switched from Full-time office models to either hybrid or total Work from home ones, which on some levels is profitable to both the employer and the employees. This blessing in not-such a disguise has opened up avenues to work from any location, be it your humble home or a hill-station or a beach. All you need is your work-laptop and a stable WIFI connection and you’re good to go. Such is the impact of the revolution that technology has brought about since prehistoric times. In this knowledge economy, your mind is the biggest asset, and where does the mind function to its maximum capability, your bedroom window view or overlooking azure blue waters and hilly landscapes? The answer is pretty conspicuous and obvious. Thus, a need for workation destinations in India arises so employees can work and vacation simultaneously. Here is a list of top 20 workation destinations in India-

1. Goa

Among the most ideal workation destinations, considering all factors, has to be Goa. With every facility provided which is needed for WFH, Goa has the added benefit of pristine beaches and invigorating night life. Night-shift employees can visit the scenic places like Agora fort and Sequirim Beach while the day-shift ones can enjoy and indulge into the vibrant night parties and bars. Something for everyone in this doyen of workation destinations. Book right away!

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2. Pahalgam

This absolute beauty of a valley in Srinagar, Kashmir is arguably the most beautiful place in India. Now with hotels being equipped with necessary WIFI connections, barriers of inadequate tech have been shattered and pahalgam has become one of the wonderful workation destinations in India. From soul-purging views to exciting treks, workation destinations like this have it all. Night exploration is a bit risky so we’ll advise to keep plans for the day but every view makes it worth it.

arun valley, pahalgam,
Aru Valley, Pahalgam

3. Mussourie

One of the veteran workation destinations, Mussourie is a great option to choose as it has a wide base of stays to choose from that offer WFH facilities. As the youngster fueled city of Dehradun is just 20 Km away, workation destinations like Mussourie are always replete with WFH employees and therefore due to increased demand, Mussourie has adjusted its natural serenity to add a bit of urban vibe to it. From mesmerizing views to lip-smacking foods, Mussourie has it all.

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Views from WFH stay, Mussourie

4. Bir

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Paragliding at Bir, Himachal Pradesh

Bir in Himachal Pradesh is a brilliant spot in the superb Himalayas, offering you a quiet, tranquil and rich work environment and unwind. You can find Bir at its best by strolling the tight roads appreciating the excellence around you. The king of workation destinations, Bir, is known as the paragliding capital of India. Here you can have a go at paragliding or investigate religious communities to encounter Tibetan culture. This is among the most peaceful yet exhilarating workation destinations of India with all necessary facilities for WFH (Work from home).

5. Darjeeling

The undisputed Queen of the hills reputation isn’t just for fun, Darjeeling lives up to that, every day, every year. Situated in the northern West Bengal, Darjeeling is one of the excellent workation destinations with transcendent views of the scenic mountains. Give the tea of Darjeeling a chance, as its handpicked from nearby hills and freshly delivered to your cup. Sip all your stress of work away by working at these cherubic workation destinations.


6. Coorg

A scenic hill station snuggled amidst the south Indian state of Karnataka, Coorg is an excellent option for your workation destinations. It is the perfect combination of nature and urbanity as with your laptop on your table receiving great internet speeds, you are overlooking at dumbfounding views of mountains nestled in clouds. Coorg also has the reputation of one of the least-polluted hill stations of India. Book a stay today in this wonderful leader of workation destinations.

7. Munnar

While we’re on the subject of beautiful workation destinations, Munnar is a staple in these lists. Gracing the entire expanse of Kerala, this tea-town is impeccably beautiful and serene. The Tall Trees are a phenomenal decision for staying in Munnar for individuals looking to partake in a workation experience at their confidential rooms, simultaneously gawking at the scenic views from the top of tall trees on which these hotels have been constructed. It is an optimal spot for travelers, honeymooners and privacy searchers. Surely, one of the most complete workation destinations.

munnar kerala,
Munnar, Kerala

8. Udaipur

The “City of Lakes” is settled in the midst of the delightful Aravalli Hills and is encircled by four lakes. Such diversity of natural occurrences makes Udaipur a staple among workation destinations. Other famous names of Udaipur are “Venice of the East” and “Gem of Mewar”. The constructural greatness of the city is set apart by stunning landmarks, castles and sanctuaries. The delightful lakes and the other quiet water bodies grandstand the normal excellence of Udaipur. A boat-ride at Lake Pichola with the perspective on the dazzling City Palace, Lake Garden Palace and Lake Palace at its banks makes certain to leave you entranced. All this plus every amenity imaginable available to you makes the recipe for a perfect flag-bearer of workation destinations.


9. Kasol

We just can’t get enough of hill stations. Can we? Among wonderfully quaint workation destinations, Kasol is a great choice. The natural ethos outside sets the perfect tone for work, leading us to be more productive and efficient. Also referred to as the ‘Amsterdam of India’, Kasol is famous for hilly landscapes and serene lakes. Day-by-day, it is gaining clout among backpackers and workationers as it offers the essential balance between nature and modernization. Kheerganga trek is very renowned here and can be experienced while you’re off work. Many other perks like these make Kasol one of the best workation destinations in India.

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dharamshala stadium,

The famous mountain town of Dharamshala is for sure a diamond of Himachal Pradesh and a leading name among workation destinations. It offers a quiet getaway from the hurrying around of the city. Dharamshala is a spot to live as one with nature and partake in the cascades and staggering icy masses. Thick woodlands of pine, oak and rhododendron trees, its paths make certain to leave you with a quiet environment. Local people’s warm accommodation and straightforward life make the city on this unimaginable slope all the more welcoming. Assuming you are wanting to work away from home in India, this is one of the most outstanding workation destinations you can choose from.

11. Shillong

In our search for great workation destinations, lets tour the north-eastern side of India, stopping at the surreal hill-station of Shillong in Meghalaya. It is settled among pine timberlands, rich trees and magnificent cascades. Shillong has a charming environment consistently, and that implies it’s an incredible spot to get away from the burning intensity of city hustle. This spot is likewise the music capital of our nation and hosts numerous live concerts throughout the entire year. If you have any desire to enjoy some time off from work stress, then Shillong will act as one of the most serene workation destinations for you.

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Shillong, Meghalaya


Among great workation destinations in India is Varkala which will hypnotize you with the charmed magnificence of the Arabian Sea. Varkala is situated in the southern part of Kerala that has delightful springs, sea shores, slopes, cascades, lakes, and a dynamic culture. The advantages of a workation in Varkala are the natural magnificence, the lively hipster culture, tasty fish, the awesome ocean side culture, and significantly more. All this makes Varkala a potent option among workation destinations to choose from.

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Varkala, Kerala

13. Kovalam & Poovar

Beach workation destinations can, more often than not, be heavy on the pocket but Kovalam and Poovar is here to the rescue. Kovalam and Poovar are secluded and beautiful workation destinations in Kerala, hidden away from the masses which flock to places like Manali. These two gems are not to be missed as they pack a solid punch on a budget. Both are lonely islands with clean sand and azure waters, enough to take your stress away and induce productivity.

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At an elevation of 622m in the Sahyadri Ranges, Khandala is one the most serene workation destinations where you track down extreme chances to revive and recover while working. One of the confined hill-stations in Maharashtra, this unblemished spot hosts two workation destinations, Lonavala and khandala. It is known for its panoramic beauty, awesome mountain perspectives, sparkling lakes, notable caverns, and forts. Bedse Caves, Tiger’s Leap, Duke’s Nose, Karla Caves, and Bhaje Caves are a handful of attractions to visit in Lonavala and Khandala.


Workation destinations must have an element of tranquility and silence with necessary amenities, Almora is just the perfect blend of these niceties. A quite, drowsy hill town that makes for a perfect getaway from the city hassles and noise. Famous for its rich cultural heritage, unique handicrafts, sumptuous cuisine, magnificent wildlife and best among workation destinations status, Almora is a must visit by all WFH wanderers.

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Almora, Uttarakhand

16. Sakleshpur

Embedded deep into the beauty of Karnatak, Sakleshpur is one of the underrated workation destinations in India. At an altitude of 3061 feet, it is a famous getaway in Karnataka. This small hill town is surrounded by lofty green hills covered with coffee, cardamom, pepper, and areca plantations. All this with the added perk of being on a budget is what makes Sakleshpur one of the best workation destinations in India.


17. Panchgani

Searching workation destinations just miles away from Pune and Mumbai’s clamoring life? Then pick the peaceful hill station of Panchgani which is situated at an elevation of 1334 m in the Satara area of Maharashtra. Favored with transcending mountains, tranquil valleys, flowing cascades, and thick woods, it is one of the most peaceful workation destinations close to Pune, and among the unmistakable spots to visit in Maharashtra.

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18. Wayanad

workation destinations

Gracing the western Ghats, Wayanad is one of the most serene workation destinations in India. Replete with Green surroundings, mesmerizing views, exotic wildlife, tranquil waterfalls and a fleet of plantations of spices. Meenmutty falls is a principle attraction of Wayanad. So next time you feel work-stress, think of Wayanad among the perfect workation destinations in India.

19. Chikmagalur

If you really want a serene work environment, and a loosening up at end of the week where you simply need to laze around without doing anything more then, at that point, Chikmagalur, a dazzling hill station situated at the lower regions of Mullayangiri range, is among the ideal workation destinations for that. Affectionately called the Coffee Land of Karnataka, it is one of the top hill stations in Karnataka, and among the top spots to visit, close to Bangalore.

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20. Gokarna

Workation destinations like Gokarna are unique as what you are offered includes Beach Trekking, Banana Boat Rides, Spotting Dolphins, Enjoying A Meal at A Beach Shack, Shopping at A Flea Market, going for Camping or Taking Surfing Classes. So much to do that you might forget work in the first place. Explore the activities on weekends and work on weekdays overlooking wonderful beaches is what wise advice will be.

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